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College Bound Students Travel Abroad Over Summer Break - 2011

Seven College Bound students had the opportunity to travel and study abroad this summer thanks to a scholarship from Chess in the Schools for a trip with AFS Intercultural Programs.  This year, our students traveled to Japan, China, Spain, and France. The students stayed with host families or in dorms with other international students, studied the local language, visited significant cultural sites, and expanded their horizons.  Below, students share some of their reflections on their trip:

 ”I am forever grateful having Chess-In-The-Schools bring me to this opportunity and stay in France, meeting and making new friends from not only other American states, but from France, England, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ghana, Ireland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Mexico, Belgium, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Finland, Serbia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and well so on, some whom I still keep in contact with.” ~ Rodolfo

“During my stay in Japan this summer I was able to try many different things that are not offered to me in the US…  Overall this experience had been life changing. I was able to see how Japanese people live on a daily basis. I was able to learn from the trip and recommend any student in the future to go study abroad if they have an opportunity to do so!” ~Eric

“My favorite moment of my study abroad experience is definitely trying the different kinds of Spanish food.  I tried a lot of different tapas. I think I tried around 15 different tapas, from paella, to tortilla to rabbit meat and even bull’s tail. I enjoyed every single one of them except the anchovy tapa.” ~ Dustin

“On my past two trips my host families were awesome and I really connected with them as if they were my real family. In dorming programs like we had in Spain, you really interact with other kids from various countries more… Overall this experience was awesome.”  ~ Dustin

“Everyone had a good time and a lot of the students bonded so well. Many of the students cried at the end of the trip because we were all so tightly bonded.” ~Trevor

“AFS is an amazing trip, but it can be really hard at first. …  Just try new things and try to have a sense of humor. Things will be weird, and you can voice how it’s different from American culture, since your host family will want to know. Always be appreciative and try to be optimistic. Go out there and have fun because you will!”  ~ Crystal



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