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Chess in the Schools - upcoming tournaments

Chess in the Schools Tournament Calendar

Fliers are available on the right side-bar of this web-page.
Date Tournament
9/17/16   2016 CIS Chess-in-the-Park Rapid Open in Central Park
10/1/16   CIS Brooklyn Chess Days, PS 503K, Sunset Park
10/10/16   2016 CIS Columbus Day Chess Tournament, PS 11M, Chelsea
10/22/16   CIS Bronx Chess Days, MS 390X, Bronx
10/29/16   CIS Queens Chess Days, PS 150Q, Sunnyside
11/5/16   2016 CIS Heisman Chess Challenge, PS 11M, Chelsea
11/11/16   CIS World Chess NYC Junior Championship, PS 11M (Rated Only)
11/19/16   CIS Andrew Cramer Chess Challenge, PS 152M  (Unrated Only)
12/4/16   2016 CIS Temple Emanu-El Chess Challenge (Rated Only)
12/10/16   CIS Bronx Chess Days, MS 390X, Bronx
12/17/16   2016 CIS Dan Garodnick Chess Challenge, MS 104M  (Rated Only)
1/7/17   30th Anniversary Chess Challenge, PS 11M, Chelsea (Rated Only)
1/16/17   2017 CIS MLK Jr. Day Chess Tournament, PS 11M (Rated Only)
1/21/17   CIS Queens Chess Days, PS 150Q, Sunnyside
1/28/17   2017 CIS DYCD Chess Masters Tournament, Harlem PAL (DYCD Only)
2/4/17   2017 GM Maurice Ashley Chess Challenge, PS 503K, Sunset Park
2/11/17   2017 Torres/Cabrera Chess Challenge, MS 390X, Bronx
3/4/17   2017 CIS All Girls NYC Chess Challenge, MS 104M
3/11/17   2017 CIS Mark Levine Chess Challenge, Mott Hall 2 
3/18/17   2017 CIS Ben Kallos Chess Challenge, ERHS  (Rated Only)
3/25/17   2017 CIS Team Tournament, PS 503K, Sunset Park (Rated Only)
4/1/17   CIS Cullman Rookie Tournament, PS 11M (CIS and Unrated Only)
4/22/17   2017 CIS Mathieu Eugene Chess Challenge, PS 139K (Rated Only)
4/29/17   2017 CIS NYC Mayor's Cup Championship, PS 11M (Rated Only)
5/6/17   2017 CIS Nationals Prep Tournament, PS 503K (Rated Only)
5/11-14/17   2017 USCF Super Nationals, Nashville, TN (USCF)
5/20/17   2017 CIS NYC Project Chess City Council Cup, PS 503K  (TTI Only)

* The CIS calendar is subject to change.

This year Chess-in-the-Schools has changed the format of the "Open Section" at select CIS tournaments (see individual fliers for more information on which events this change will impact).  The "Open Section" will now be three rounds and all games will be G/45. This change will not impact our special CIS "Team Tournaments."

Standard tournament schedule:

Check-in:  8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Round 1:  10:00 AM
Round 2:  11:15 AM
Round 3:  1:00 PM
Round 4:  2:15 PM
Award Ceremony:  3:30 PM

Open Section Schedule:

Check-in:  8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Round 1:  10:00 AM
Round 2:  11:45 AM
Round 3:  1:45 PM
Award Ceremony:  3:30 PM

All CIS tournaments give priority to CIS students. 


All tournament entries are limited by the space a school can provide.  All CIS tournaments unless otherwise noted are only open to CIS schools and schools that have participated in a TTI workshop in the last year.

For events open to others, Non-CIS schools are limited to a maximum of 10 student entries per tournament with no more than 5 unrated students EL Unrated and 5 for JH-HS Unrated...

*Students who score 3 or more points in an unrated section must purchase a USCF membership and play in a rated section for all future CIS tournaments.
Registrations are due the Tuesday before each event at 5:00 PM and must include each student's name, school, and section.  All students and schools can register through our on-line registration system.  Direct email registrations will no longer be accepted. 

On-line Registration Page. 

Entry Fee:


On-Site Entries + Round Times:
On-site entries must arrive by 9:00 am in order to play in the first round (on-site registration is not always available). On-site entries who arrive after 9:00 am will miss the first round and receive a half point bye.  All pre-registered players must check-in by 9:30 am.  The first round will begin at approximately 10:00 am.  Award ceremonies will begin at 3:15pm.  Some events do not have on-site registration.  Check website prior to each event.

CIS Tournament entries limited to a first-come first served basis based on the number of entries each site can handle.  Teams may be limited to a certain number of entries based on the organizer's discretion.  Priority will be given to students in CIS programs.  For more information, please contact Shaun M. Smith at (212) 643-0225 x225 or by email at ssmith@chessintheschools.org

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