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Kevin Kline Visits Chess-in-the-Schools

He’s an actor.  He’s a comedian. And in his spare time, he visits Chess-in-the-Schools.  

 © Joseph A. Rosen 

CIS was pleased to welcome Kevin Kline at its headquarters to visit with the students, staff, partners, and supporters.  The event took place on Monday, June 13th with the purpose of emphasizing the international component of our programs.  Students involved in Chess-in-the-Schools had an opportunity to ask both professional and personal questions to Mr. Kline, and he gave the students a glimpse into the life of a movie star.

In Mr. Kline’s most recent role, he plays a chess player in the movie Queen to Play, which he admits to the students, was one of his most difficult roles.  The film, which was shown during this event, features the game of chess in nearly every scene.  

Although Queen to Play was in French (with English subtitles), Chess-in-the-Schools students were able to draw parallels and were captivated by the themes, famous gambits, and international language of the game.   
“Chess-in-the-Schools constantly tells our students that chess is an internationally acclaimed sport that transcends national barriers and languages,” says Marley Kaplan, President & CEO of Chess-in-the-Schools.  “This film encapsulates the international component of chess that Chess-in-the-Schools espouses.”
In the international arena, Chess-in-the-Schools students have gone to countries such as Russia and Greece to compete in the World Youth Chess Championships.  We plan to send qualifying chess players to Brazil this year to go head-to-head with the some of the world’s greatest minds.
 Mr. Kline’s visit and showing of his latest movie stresses the international language of chess.  Chess-in-the-Schools students also compete with students in France through an internet-based platform, MatPat and the organization sends students to France, as well as other countries every summer, to study abroad with the AFS Program.  
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