Tournament Information

2023-2024 CIS Tournament Registration and Event Day Information

Registration Deadline: Deadline is the Tuesday before each event at 5:00 PM. However, it is possible that an event will close earlier if a large number of early registrations are received.  Also, it is possible that some sections of a tournament will close prior to the scheduled close time as well.  CIS suggests that you register early.

Entry Fee: None.

Registrations: Both individual and team registrations are entered through the CIS website registration form.  All registrations should include, Name, School, OSIS #, Section, USCF ID and any other required information.  Make sure to list your school correctly by listing your school number followed by borough code.  For example, PS 11M would be 11M. The borough code should always be capitalized and the borough codes are as follows:  Bronx = X, Brooklyn = K, Manhattan = M, Queens = Q, and Staten Island = R).  If you have any questions, please email

Chess in the Schools now requires student OSIS #s for data collection and reporting.  All registration information aside from items included on tournament standings is private and will not be shared. Only NYC Public School students have OSIS numbers. All private and non-public school students should enter 11111111 for the OSIS number section.

On-site Registration: Some tournaments will allow onsite registration. Check the CIS website in advance. If there is on-site registration and you are not pre-registered, you must arrive by 9:00 am in order to play in the first round. On-site entries who arrive after 9:00 am will miss the first round and receive a half point bye.  For events with no on-site registration, playing in the first round is not possible. However, if there is space after the first round is paired, we will add players until capacity is reached.

Registration Confirmation:  Confirmation emails are sent automatically once your registration has been correctly submitted. If you did not receive a confirmation after registering, it is possible that an email was entered wrong, that the email went to a spam folder, or that the registration did not go through.  First, check your spam folder.  If you cannot find a confirmation, email to double check your registration.  Final email announcements are generally sent out the Wednesday before a tournament.

Other Registration notes

*Please do not register multiple times for the same event.

All tournament entries are first-come, first-served and are limited by the space a site can provide.  Teams may be limited to a certain number of entries at the organizer’s discretion.  Priority will be given to students in CIS programs.  All CIS tournaments unless otherwise noted are only open to CIS schools and schools that have participated in a TTI workshop in the last year. For events open to others, non-CIS schools are limited to a maximum of 10 student entries per tournament with no more than 5 unrated students EL Unrated and 5 for JH-HS Unrated…

Event Day Information

Check-in at Event: All pre-registered players must check-in by 9:30 am. Players that fail to arrive by 9:30 am will miss the first round.  Also, if the tournament is full and a pre-registered player arrives late, they may not be able to play in the tournament.

Standard tournament schedule:

  • Check-in:  8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
  • Round 1:  10:00 AM
  • Round 2:  11:15 AM
  • Round 3:  1:00 PM
Round 4:  2:15 PM
Award Ceremony:  3:30 PM

Open Section Schedule:

  • Check-in:  8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Round 1:  10:00 AM
  • Round 2:  11:45 AM
  • Round 3:  1:45 PM
Award Ceremony:  3:30 PM

Sets, boards, and scoresheets provided. Bring a clock if you have one, and a pen or pencil for notation.

Are CIS tournaments public events? 

Yes, CIS tournaments are public events. By registering to the tournaments, participants (and their caregivers, if applicable) grant full permission to Chess in the Schools to use photographs, video- and/or audio-recordings of them, and/or their children, taken during CIS events in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of Chess in the Schools. No registrants and/or participants are entitled to compensation for their appearance in such materials. All registrants and participants release and discharge CIS from all liability, losses, and damages for libel, slander, invasion of privacy or any other claim arising out of or relating to the use of videotapes, recordings and/or photographs.

Other Information:

*Students who score 3 or more points in an unrated section must purchase a USCF membership and play in a rated section for all future CIS tournaments.

For more information, please contact Shaun M. Smith at (212) 643-0225 x225 or by email at

Tournament Rules:

YOU MUST: Raise your hand when your game is over to alert your section’s TD of the result. BOTH players are required to report their result! Please make sure to report your result after your game. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting the rest of your games or the game being declared a draw.

Playoffs: All ties will be determined by Standard USCF Tiebreak Methods – See USCF Rules (6th Edition). Note: The Open section will be the only section to have a blitz play-off.

Important reminders for players:

  • You have the right to appeal a decision of a floor TD. If you wish to see the Chief TD, tell the floor TD right away. DO NOT wait until after the game is over to make this complaint.
  • Touch-move at all times; if adjusting, announce “I adjust” BEFORE making an adjustment. When finished with game, shake hands, report result, reset the chessboard, and leave the playing area.
  • Games that do not start with a clock will have one added at the end of each game (when 10 minutes remain each player will be granted 5 minutes).
  • Illegal moves will result in a one minute penalty to the player making the illegal move. This rule is a variation of the USCF rule. If you have less than 1 minute and make an illegal move you lose.
  • The playing area must remain quiet while games are in progress. No talking during play.
  • Parents and coaches are spectators. Your help is very important to us, but you may not interfere with the chess games of players, this includes arguing about rulings.
  • Absolutely no eating or drinking in your team room.

CIS follows the 6th Edition of the USCF Rulebook unless noted.